snoop dogg essential oil tank


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Essential Oil Glass Tank For G-Pen Vaporizer utilizes two separate parts that serve as a heating chamber and also a diffuser. The Glass Oil G Tank uses an innovative technology from Grenco Science to vaporize the essential oils effectively. The Glass Tank is not designed for dry herbs and this part is NOT compatible with MicroG vaporizer. You can use this awesome aromatherapy part with your G Pen Portable Vaporizer. 

Ideal for essential oils ranging from thin to thick in viscosity, the G Pen Essential Oil Tank is comprised of two separate, self-contained heating chambers. The upper heating dish reaches peak, ungoverned temperatures via conduction vaporization, while the second chamber below carefully diffuses essential oils with stable, proportionate convection vaporization.


-G Pen Essential Oil Tank is not designed to work with dried herbs.

-G Pen Essential Oil Tank is not compatible with the Micro G.

-The G Pen Essential Oil Tank has a durability index of approximately 4-6 weeks depending on frequency of use.